November 03, 2020

3 Beginner Friendly Houseplants!

By Keisha Adinkra
3 Beginner Friendly Houseplants!
Can we talk about Houseplants for a minute? I mean they are totally on trend right now!  I've put together this really short list of 3 houseplants every beginner should add to their collection.
pathos plant
Pothos is easy to care for and easily found in any garden center, nursery, heck even grocery stores.  Pictured above is a marble queen pothos in our Bowl Macrame Hanger 😉
zz raven
I've been a fan of zz plants for so long!! This plant is hard to kill, well unless you overwater it 😬 then it will die a slow terrible death 💀 
pictured is the zz raven in our Planter Basket 
Chinese evergreen
Chinese Evergreens are hands down one of the easiest houseplants you can add to your collection.  They tolerate a variety of light conditions and temps.  Just like the zz plant it won't tolerate overwatering so it's best to allow it to dry completely before watering.  Pictured is a Chinese Evergreen "chocolate" along side it is our Sweet Amethst soy candle 🕯

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