October 09, 2020

All about Sage | How + Why to smudge your space

By Keisha Adinkra
All about Sage | How + Why to smudge your space

we get asked often about sage and smudging. i've put together a list of practical benefits of smudging and included scientific details. just a few of the reasons why we over here at GBFU use white sage to smudge our space. 


why smudge

Smudging has been around since ancient times.  It was/is practiced by some Native/Indigenous people for many generations. But why should we practice smudging now?

1. many types of sage have purifying properties. in other words sage can actually keep bacteria, fungus, and viruses away.

2. keeps the negative stuff away.  i know that might sound like something super spiritual but its actually scientific in nature.  according to researchers the smoke from some sage is believed to release negative ions, negative ions bonded to particles like virus, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, dust, etc.
3. mood lifting.  again the negative ions come in to save the day by balancing moods and even dispelling symptoms of depression.
4. a chance to connect with the divine.  smudging gives us the opportunity to connect with our ancient ancestors and bring a bit of sacred tradition into our homes. a form of meditation and cleansing all at once.
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