October 12, 2020

How to care for your Brass Jewelry

By Keisha Adinkra
how to clean brass jewelry

Keep it shinning! 

Soooooo You have gotten yourself some awesome brass jewelry because for one you are an adult and if you wanted you could even eat cookies for dinner.  And for two the products look awesome but…..for how long?

Here are some tips and care tips to keep you both brassy and happy because we love for you to get your money’s worth. I mean you spent them coins let’s “make it last foreverrrrrrr” 🎶

“How am I ‘posed to take care of this brass lawd!?”

How to store your jewelry 

  • Sounds like coffee but store in a cool dry place. This should keep the need for maintenance and shining down to a minimum. 
  • If you stay in a plant haven like myself and have a completely humid living space try using ziplock bags and a cloth to keep moisture out that should help. 
  • If you take off your jewelry before a shower or bath remember to remove them from that humid space or you will come back to polishing and cleaning needed to be done. 


Let's put this subject to bed with cleaning tips

  • Warm water , dish soap , and a toothbrush (soft bristles ) with this combo you have the basic setup of an easy clean job for your brass jewelry. As long as you didn’t let it get too dirty this should be as far as you need to go. Brush until clean and make sure you rinse all soap residue away and you will be back to new. A little elbow grease to polish and back to new just use a soft microfiber cloth and you will have a great shine back to your brass.
  • For heavier jobs you will need the BIG stuff! I’m taking baking soda and lemon juice big stuff. You will have to scrub until your jewelry is clean and then make sure you rinse throughly. I would recommend rinsing multiple times. After that as we say in the south same ole same. Soft microfiber cloth and buff and buff some more until you get your desired shine. 

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  • Ingrid Saddler-Walker on December 25, 2020

    Great bangles! I love wearing them.

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