November 14, 2020

Using Your GBFU Body Polish

By Keisha Adinkra

listen, our Body Polish doesn't play any games with dry skin!  I mean when I say a little goes a long way I really mean it.  Here's a quick how to video on using the Body Polish so that you're moisturized but not greasy 😉

Special thanks to Kaya Journey for the demo be sure to visit her on IG


Using the GBFU Body Polish

1. Use a utensil to scoop out your polish (help keep it clean) remember, a little goes a long way.  
2. Gently exfoliate the areas of the skin that are dry using circular motions.
3. Rinse it clean and gently pat dry.
4. Massage remaining oil into skin remember a little goes a long way and can be massaged onto the entire arm!


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