GBFU Fragrance Mist

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GBFU Fragrance Mist. Safe for use in all areas of your body and your home.

Made without harsh chemicals. 4 oz heavy glass |reusable| perfume bottle with black fine mist nozzle and lid.

*skin safe ingredients 

option to reduce waste if you’ve previously ordered a sprayer you can choose to have your new bottle shipped with a cap only. Reuse those sprayers! 

 ingredients: perfumers alcohol, polysorbate (emulsifier), vegetable glycerin, distilled water,  fragrance oil , essential oil

Customer Reviews

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I’m Grown!!

If you haven’t already, you need to add one of GBFU’s fragrance mists to your scent lineup! I’m Grown is AMAZING and will have your whole house smelling like a warm welcome! If you want to take it to the next level, combine it with an Oshun Energy candle…you can thank me later!

Eeeekkkk...Im Grown

Honey!!! The name says it all. Makes you feel all grown and well you know! One of my favorites! I am now ordering Gilded Santal because anything with Amber speaks to me!

Soothing Scent (Ebb & Flow) ... Just what I was looking for

I have been shopping with GBFU for a few years now and I am never disappointed. I am very happy with this spray. The scent is so soothing to my nose and mental peace. I appreciate walking in to each room after I spray this fragrance mist. I like the scent so much that I purchased the wax melts and candles. If you are like me and want a soft scent that somehow makes the room feel fresher and cleaner, this scent is for you!

Chester Rogers

GBFU Mist is an Outstanding mist ..Always has such a freshness !

These mist I used it every other day on my linen when I make my bed up . Every time I get in my bed I get a Euphoric feeling . Its a fresh , warm , cozy feeling . Make you feel snuggly with your linen . I also spray the mist on my couches and pillows . It keep that fresh , warm feeling . The mist last a couple of days for me . I bought two bottles , I'm still using my first bottle from buying it a a couple of months ago , using it very other day . It is well worth it and you will enjoy it . Try it !!!

Marica Moore

Need to get away but can't? This fragrance mist in the DEPARTURES scent will take you to any tropical island you want to go to. I love the fact that it's safe to use as a room, linen or body mist. Just a quick spray on the wrist and I can take the island with me anywhere I go :)