Bananas Cinnamon + Dough Candle

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Downtown Bakery

3 wicked 16 oz candle to fill your entire space!

Scent Profile: Bananas Cinnamon Vanilla Dough

TOP: Banana | MIDDLE: Walnuts, Cinnamon  | BOTTOM: Baked Dough, Vanilla, Butter 

Downtown Bakery is reminiscent of all the local bakeries! The smells are always wonderful and the people friendly.

Made in micro batches with Coconut Apricot Wax that is eco friendly and free of toxins.  Hand poured into these lovely white 3 wick tumbler jars with engraved wood lid.

Cotton Wicks 

We use high quality fragrance oils that are never diluted.


Great for your entire living space 


Our scented candles are created to add balance to your space by allowing the scent to linger without overpowering it. For the best candle burning experience check out our tips HERE

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful packaging and presentation But no hot throw.

The experience of opening my candle was amazing. The detail and love put into the packaging was pure perfection. Unfortunately, the hot throw of the candle almost seemed non existent. I.had extremely high hopes for this candle and I only burn it now for ambiance, next to a candle that throws out a stronger scent. I am not sure if the candle hadn't cured long enough or if this particular scent had not been tested long enough (or just a bad batch). Whatever the reason, I hope in the future it will be remedied. With that all being said, I believe this is just due to the growing pains of a new small business and I would possibly still try something again later in the future, because of the level of excellence in the packaging and my knowledge of how businesses get better with age and experience.